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Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind”, with these few words Mito Echevarria brings us to one of the most breathtaking journey we can ever experience: Youth.

 Getting involved in the depth of his words and the intensity of the images, we decided to go through this experience of pure energy, thinking how powerful it can be to grow by constantly increasing our enthusiasm for life.

 There could be no better analogy than the one depicting youth as a lively concert: the “one and one for all” feeling, which enables you to stand up for your ideals, whatever they are. 

The boundless potentiality to create and imagine your own future can only depends on the power of your beliefs. As a consequence, “We grow old by deserting our ideals”, by lying about our inability to break strict paradigms that teach us which is the way to follow to became an adult.

Music is the door to a “living on the edge” dimension, and a youthful spirit is the truest side of the game of living.

Youth is the time of life when “the quality of imagination” is at the highest stage: an unconventional curiosity based on the desire to live as much as possible, trying to fix every moment in your mind, so as to feed your constant need to escape.

The unconditional love for life, in all its shades, the freshness of your thoughts, the undoubted trust in dreams and positivity will let you “die young at 80”.

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