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MXoN '22 and California Dreaming

A video by Astroclub

This sport doesn’t really care about you.

It doesn’t care about how hardly you train, how much pain, sacrifice and dedication you have to live with.

For us Mattia is one of the most valiant riders on the scene,since behind his talent and skills there is the pure frankness of a guy fighting for his own success, his inner success. 

Setting a goal but taking a road with thousand of bends make people think you are just like them: a human being who’s asked to always be up to any situation, forgetting the “behind the scenes” scenario. 

Determination and kindness, words that cannot always be read together, but definitely are the essence of this guy, a great example of an athlete aware of his present, but projected to the future. 

Our friends from Astroclub dropped 11 minutes of pure emotions, letting people discover the hidden side of an unforgiving sport, able to give you more than you could ever imagine.

Enjoy the view, enjoy the ride.

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